40+ Sports Injuries Resources

Sports injuries are a delicate topic for athletes and sportsmen (and sportswomen). That’s why we’ve built this sports injuries resources list. Here you will find resources to know more about your sports injury, learn how to face it, treat it, find advice online, and to find a specialist near you.

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These are useful tools and guides that any athlete or sportsman will need in some point of his career.

  • Sports Specific Injury Prevention – This is the best website you will find with sports specific information about sports injuries. From baseball, gymnastics, swimming, and inline skating. It even offers the option to download the prevention guides in PDF!
  • Symptom checker – This is a web app displaying a human body in which you need to click the area where you are experiencing pain. When you click it, it displays information about the injuries you might be suffering.
  • Quiz: Test Your Sports Injury Savvy – If you are a professional athlete or a sportsman, you need to know the basics about sports injuries. This quiz will test your knowledge. It might teach you some things.
  • Health IQ – Sports Injuries – This is a very short quiz about sports injuries. It is listed here because it offers uncommon tips about prevention.
  • WebMDMayo Clinic and MedlinePlus – These are the biggest encyclopedias on the internet with in-depth information about medical conditions and symptoms. Why are they useful? If you are experiencing a symptom or you already know what condition is causing your symptom, these websites have the answers to the most common questions you might be having.


All these articles are meant to help answering specific questions, situations or debates related to sports injuries. They are divided into three areas.

Weight lifting

General sports

Injury recovery and rehab


Do you like to read? Great! Here are some books to improve your knowledge and become a sports injuries geek (or expert). If you are serious and/or are betting for a professional sports career, you need to have plenty of injuries knowledge.


Looking for some help online? In the following forums you might find professionals with sports injuries experience.

Find a specialist near you

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